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Andrey Karpov

Sunday, 26.03.2017

Igor Nezhivoy 

Born in 1969 in Moscow. Lives and works in Moscow. Since 1986 exhibits in Russia and abroad. 

Igor Nezhivoy's works can be found in: 

Art Museum of a city of Oklahoma City, USA; The center of Arts, the State of Virginia, USA; Collection of Art Fund of Russia, Moscow; Collections of galleries: "Mur Mur", France; "Salvatore Perone", Italy; "Storm",Great Britain"Caviart", USA; "Denise Roberge Art Gallery", USA;"Pan-Dan",Russia, Moscow;"Nina",Russia, Moscow; Ministero Del Gusto", "Sahart Foundation", Marrakesh, Marocco. 

Personal collections: 

J.Brossar, Sir Timothy Lewin, Tin. Kolodzei, E. Degov, D. Uolloh, D.Roberge, I. Stoyanov ("Person"), G. Popov, L. Nesterov,Serge Valerie Barkowski, as well as many private collections in the United States, Britain, France, Holland , Japan, Germany,Argentina, Bolivia, Italy, Yugoslavia, Australia and Russia.