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Andrey Karpov

Sunday, 26.03.2017
Exhibitions list:

1988 Work in the workshops "Squat on Furmanniy", Moscow, Russia 

1989 "Furmanniy lane – 1", Warsaw, Poland 
         "Furmanniy lane – 2", Lausanne, Switzerland 

1990 "Exhibition of Russian Art", Vienna, Austria 
         "Exhibition of Russian Art", Gallery "STORM", London, UK 

1991 "Auction of Russian Art", Stuttgart, Germany 

1992 "Again, 21-e", Gallery "Interfound", Moscow, Russia 
         "Subject", Gallery A-3, Moscow , Russia 

1993  International Biennale "Classic IV", Gallery "Mur Mur", Courtrai, Belgium 
         "Caviart-PrivateShow", Gallery "Caviart", Palm Desert, Palm Springs,USA 
          Contemporary Russian Art", the Art Museum of the City of Oklahoma City, USA 
          "Karpov and Nezhivoy", VCCA (Virginia Centre for Creative Art), Virginia, USA 
          International Art Fair ARTMIF-3 ", Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow 
          Contemporary Russian Art", Marine Arsenal, Amalfi, Naples, Italy
1993-1997 Regular work with the Gallery "Mur Mur", Paris, France
1994 "Contemporary Russian Art", Naples, Italy 
          Kolesnikov + Nezhivoy," Gallery "Yuneya", Moscow, Russia 
         "Spring Exhibition", the City town committee of Schedules, Moscow,Russia 
         "Autumn Exhibition", the City town committee of Schedules, Moscow, Russia 

1995 "Carnival", Gallery Nina, CHA (Central House of Artists),Moscow, Russia 
         "Jungle",solo exhibition, Gallery "Together", Moscow, Russia 
         "Igor Nezhivoy”, CHA (Central House of Artists), Moscow, Russia 
          A retrospective exhibition «Happy Birthday», Gallery Yuneya, Moscow, Russia 

1996 "In Memory of Leonid Purygin" Gallery Pan-Dan ",Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia 
          International Art Fair "Art Manege" Gallery "Vlad", Manege, Moscow, Russia 
         "Biblical theme," Gallery "Vlad", Moscow, Russia
         "5 from Moscow", the Embassy of Mexico, Moscow, Russia 
          Acquisition of 2 works in the Foundation of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

1997 "3rd Antique Salon", Gallery "Gal-Art", Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
         "Igor Nezhivoy, AMRO-Bank, Moscow and Amsterdam 

1998 "Kunst-Markt - Art Fair" - "The Art of the twentieth century, on paper," Gallery - L », Dresden, Germany
         "Russian coming V", Rostov-on-Don, Russia 
          A series of works for the Agency Stylists "Persona" 

1999 International Art Fair "Art Moscow", Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow, Russia 
         "Heroes", Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow, Russia 
         "Still Life", Gallery "Sam Brooke", Moscow , Russia 

2000 "Black Entrance", "Ministero Del Gusto", "Sahart Foundation", Marrakesh, Marocco 
         "Games", a series of 20 works, Casino "Studio", Moscow, Russia 

2001  Work in the artist colony in the Indian state of Goa, Morjim
2002  Retrospective in Business Centre "Smolensky Passage", Moscow, Russia 
         "Yuvkosurov day," Gallery "7", Expo Business Center, Moscow, Russia 
          Solo exhibition at the central office Price Waterhouse

2002  to present: Permanent exhibition at the Gallery "Rose BerlinArt", Berlin, Germany 

2009 "Russian New Year Art Exhibit", Gallery "Denise Roberge Art Gallery", Palm Desert, USA
2010 "Russian Art Exhibit", Gallery "Denise Roberge Art Gallery", Palm Desert, USA 
         "Ever Young Art", Gallery "Studio 11", Moscow, Russia
         "Lesnovidenie",exhibition at the Museum of modern art, Moscow, Russia