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Andrey Karpov

Sunday, 26.03.2017

Andrei F. Karpov 

Classical painter of modern art Recognized leader of the Russian Neo-Primitivism

Born in 1959 in Tula Town, Russia Andrei Karpov took his degree at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as an Engineer-Physicist. Lives and works in Moscow. Since 1986 exhibits in Russia and abroad.

Andrei Karpov's works can be found in:
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia; Penza Picture Gallery, Penza. Art Gallery of Novokuznetsk, Novokuznetsk, Russia; Tula Museum of Fine Arts,Tula, Russia; Municipality of Ville-de-Rose-sur-Maine, Normandy, France; as well as in various funds, corporate and private collections in Russia, USA, UK, Austria, Japan, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and Poland. A documentary movie "Season in Seattle" was shut in 1994, Studio of Science and Popular Films (Moscow, Russia). It tells about the life of the Russian artist in Post-Soviet period in the USA. Andrei Karpov works in genres of painting, graphics, book illustrations (40 editions), creates porcelain plates, ceramic plates, ceramic paintings, and carpets.